Monday, December 02, 2013

A spark in her bonfire heart*

She waltzes, alone, no glorious dress whirling 'round her,
In too-long jeans, a T-shirt and bare feet, cool on the foyer tile.
The muscles in her feet flex and arch, pushing her through the quarter turns
And the balance steps, the music's exuberance having launched her from
Her couch's supine embrace. Her own arms, mimicking a proper hold
Clasp no one, only her imagination sees a partner, feels his hand on her waist.
Smiling to herself, she pauses in turn, laughing at the fiction
And thinks suddenly of how goofy she would seem,
Should someone stumble upon her,
Spinning, a solitary Miss Havisham, minus the ghoulishness.
And yet she finds joy in the dance, even if it is danced alone.

*Thanks for the inspiration, James Blunt.