Monday, March 21, 2005

Word for the Day

More for my own benefit than for anyone else's, I took the time to look up 'cretonne' (see my last post, end of paragraph four). After Googling the word, here are the definitions I found:

Definitions of cretonne
n. - An unglazed heavy fabric 3
n. - A strong white fabric with warp of hemp and weft of flax. 2
n. - A fabric with cotton warp and woolen weft. 2
n. - A kind of chintz with a glossy surface.

Hmm. Ok. I then had to look up warp and weft. Apparently they are terms used in textile-making, often relating to rugs. Moving on...

Then I found this definition and the words origin:

    1. A strong cotton material, usually with a printed design, used for curtains, chair-covers, etc.
Etymology: 19c: French, named after the village of Creton in Normandy, where the fabric probably originated.

That's more specific, and gives a better idea of proper word usage. So, kids, that's our word for the day. Now go out and use it in a sentance! ;-)

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Earthangel said...

Thank you for clarifying :-) It did leave me wondering.