Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7 Posts, 7 Days: Day Two, or Daydream Believer

I think if people knew how many imaginary conversations I have with people -- family, friends, co-workers, crushes (sometimes out loud, although that's only when I'm by myself) -- they would probably think I'm certifiable. Seriously.  I invent situations in my head, and sometimes they play out verbally. In my house. While I'm alone.

No, that doesn't make me sound bizarre, at all does it? 

Maybe I should be writing them down instead. But I digress...

I put part of it down to being a daydreamer with an overactive imagination. I've always been one, a daydreamer, I mean. I know "always" is a pretty definitive word, but I actually have proof.

Really, I do. Although here "always" should read "since I was 7."

Exhibit A is an exchange of notes between my mom and my second-grade teacher Mrs. Carillo (who's first name I have never known, but then who does know the first names of teachers at that age?).

My mother notes in her missive that I have been bringing home incomplete work, and she wonders if I have had sufficient class time to complete the assignments. I apparently told her a girl sitting near me distracted me with her chatting ways.

Mrs. Carillo quickly disabuses her of that notion, informing my mom that really, I ( and not this girl, Christina, mentioned in the note) tended to be the chatterbox, and the only solution -- which she didn't want to stoop to -- was isolation. My teacher said I needed to work on self-discipline and time management in order to complete my work. She also added, almost as an afterthought, that "Many times daydreaming is the problem, not always talking."

Looking at that note now, I find it funny/ironic that some of my personality characteristics were firmly in place by age 7: a daydreaming procrastinator who enjoys talking to people. I now have a deadline-oriented job that basically allows me to be nosy for a living while keep the procrastination in line (work wise, at least). But it should come as no surprise that I'm an INFP, a personality type often referred to as "The Dreamer."

I wrote most of this this morning before work and then rushed off when I realized I was running late. I'm not satisfied with it, but that's the whole point of the 7 posts/7days. Just the writing. Will try to write something better tomorrow.

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