Tuesday, February 09, 2016

For Lent this year

I decided several weeks ago that I won't be giving up anything particular for Lent this time around. Instead, I'm going to chose something a bit more active.

Or, to be more precise, something more contemplative.

My parish, not terribly long ago, established a small perpetual Adoration chapel. I've been wanting to go, but haven't made it thus far. I ask and whine at God for a lot (this past week, I actually found myself angry with Him, which is unusual for me -- it was possibly the first time ever -- and a topic for another post), but need to be better about just listening and being present in His grace. 
from "A Month of Sundays: The Foolishness of Father Brown," Msgr. John J. O'Connor

Lent seems like a good time to establish that as a routine (it worked really well a few years ago when I started praying the Rosary on my morning commute; if I don't go into my workday having said the Rosary I actually feel off). So, I've decided I'll go to Adoration least once a week to start and, since I'm off work on Mondays, well, that's the plan so far.
Also, donating things. I've been slacking in the corporal works of mercy area, and the least I can do is donate some of the many items I'm not wearing to St. Vincent de Paul to help "clothe the naked."

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